Jono Williams

Jono Williams

Hi I’m Jonathan Williams or Jono as the members know me.

I coach and develop running training in PAC-Tri.

Running can be done at any time, in any weather, and with a minimum of equipment. Running is fun, sociable and also the most time-efficient way to build cardiovascular fitness. However, I am aware that for novices there is often considerable inertia to overcome- myself included. I used to be a keen cricketer, but until I was 40, the only running I enjoyed was sprinting 22 yards wielding a cricket bat.

However, I have since ran more than a dozen marathons, and by structured training rather than any natural endurance running ability, have achieved ‘Good for Age’ sub 3 hour 15 min automatic entries for London Marathon.

I am a level II UK Athletics Endurance coach, but more usefully, I have learned greatly from assisting the local coaching and running ‘phenomenon’ Steve Hollier. I am also a Sport and Exercise Medicine doctor, and try to apply principles of exercise physiology to training. If you would like any more information about running or the PAC-Tri sessions please contact me by email or 07780 924474