Running training

Running training

Running training

Tuesdays 19:00 meeting at at “The Hutch” on Portishead Lake Grounds, for this session we join Portishead Running Club for a 6-7 mile at various paces, to suit all abilities.

Tuesdays 19:00 meet in Clevedon at the junction of The Avenue and Edward Road West. The session starts with some dynamic warm ups and leads into interval training including hill reps, aimed at increasing your anaerobic threshold, your endurance and building muscle strength. Please note the meeting point can change from week to week depending on the route.

Thursday 19.00 Triathlon specific interval training session with our running coach Jonathan Williams emphasis will be on 85% effort/lactic acid threshold type of intervals in order to improve speed endurance meeting at Portishead Cricket Club. Changing to meeting at Parish Wharf in Portishead from 25th September to accommodate the darker evenings.


Thursday 19.00 Interval training with Portishead Running Club, meeting at “The Hutch” on Portishead Lake Grounds. A session of mixed pace intervals helping improve speed and endurance all at your own pace.

Sunday 08.00, yes 08.00! Meeting up at Parish Wharf in Portishead for a long morning run. The run is normally between 10 and 14 miles with the opportunity to head back for a shorter 8 mile route as we pass through Pill. At a steady endurance building pace, concentrating more on “miles in the legs” than speed.

Sunday 08.30  meeting at Strode Road Leisure Centre in Clevedon for a steady 6-8 miles with the opportunity to go longer if you want. At a steady endurance building pace. Concentrating more on “miles in the legs” than speed.

Youth members
15-17 year olds are welcome to join our running training unaccompanied. Prior to joining a session parental/guardian consent must be emailed to the club. Prior to running with us for the first time, we ask that you contact us to determine the most suitable run for you so you have an enjoyable experience.