Hi I’m Jacqueline King – UKCC Level 3 qualified Competitive Swimming Coach; BTA Level 2 qualified Triathlon Coach.

My experience in the field of competitive swimming stretches back some 10 years all within a club environment to National standard. My specialism is coaching Master Swimmers and Triathletes for the swimming part of their sport.

My involvement with PAC-Tri came through Jonathan Williams, the then Club Sectretary, who approached me several years ago to provide some swim training for PAC-Tri members, on a regular basis.

I have run a thriving and increasing number of training sessions each week for the past 8 years.

Recently I have achieved my qualification as a Triathlon coach enabling me to work with PAC-Tri adult athletes and with BAD Tri junior athletes across all three disciplines.

I also offer personal training for individual swimming goals, preparing programmes for training across all energy systems, swim strokes and skills helping you achieve your goals.

Coaching PAC-Tri

Coaching PAC-Tri

Coaching all levels of ability in swimming is my passion. Providing you can swim at least 200 meters of any stroke continuously then I can progress you towards a sprint distance race or longer. My methods are a mixture of specific swim skills and technical training to improve performance and fitness.



Another aspect of my coaching is the 4th discipline……….transitions.

Swimming for Triathlon is different than for swimming alone. Open water swimming (with or without a wet suit) and an understanding of the expectations of the body to perform once you leave the water are essential factors to consider when preparing a coached swimming session.

The three most common mistakes I see with triathletes in the pool are; breathing to one side only whilst training, kicking from the knee and not being relaxed in the water.

My three biggest successes in coaching PAC-Tri are: assisting a few athletes in their swimming to progress towards world standard; providing a range of sessions to include all levels of ability; seeing many members progress and enjoy their swim training even when it is their least favorite discipline.

I love the ethos within PAC-Tri which crosses all levels of ability and interests. It is friendly and fun coaching the members, socialising and training with them too. One common ingredient is the commitment and effort to do your best and enjoy doing so.

If someone wants to give triathlon a try, can run a bit, has a bike but struggles to swim 100 meters then they should join. There is something for all levels of ability in all three disciplines and swimming lessons can be organised to improve their swim either in a group or 1:1 session.

In the next year I would like to coach more running and cycling techniques, and further develop my reputation and customer base across the south west for coaching triathletes, especially in their swimming.

For more information about swim or triathlon coaching please contact me at

Hope to see you soon,