PAC Tri membership

Please complete the form below to join us or renew your membership, PAC Tri members enjoy several benefits from our commercial partners.

  • Great place to meet like minded people to train with.
  • Regular social events throughout the year.
  • Coached sessions available.
  • Discount on British Triathlon individual membership of £11.00 – Individual membership £51.00 club member £40.00
  • Affiliate membership of CTC at £16 per year
  • 10% discount on courses with Swim For Tri.
  • Be part of one of the country’s fastest growing sports.
  • Discount from Walnut Grove Clinic Portishead
  • Discounts from Xterra Wetsuits

Membership fees

  • Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December
  • New Adult membership is £25.00 or
  • Renewal of an Adult membership is £20.00 if renewed before 1st of February 
  • For family memberships please add £5 per family member to the adult fee (£30 for new members, £25 if renewed before 1st February) 
  • Youth membership is £10 unless they are family members then it’s £5. Please refer to the T&C’s for details of our youth policy.
New Membership payment
1 X New Adult £25.00 
2 X New Adult membership £30.00

1 X New Youth membership £10.00 

Membership renewal before 1st February 

1 X Renewed Adult £20.00

2 X New Adult Renewal £25.00

Membership payment and joining form 

  1. Please fill in the membership form below
  2. Payment of membership is via bank transfer the details of which is included a welcome email that will be sent once the membership form is submitted
Membership form

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Once we receive the completed form and payment we will send you an e mail with the contact details for the club.

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Third party insurance

It is a requirement that when riding with the club all riders must have valid third party insurance available from British Cycling (BC Bronze level does not provide 3rd party cover), Cyclecover or CTCTriathlon England membershipTriathlon ScotlandWelsh Triathlon with insurance is also used by our members. For insurance purposes, non-members are limited to a maximum of 3 rides before they are asked to join.

If you have your own insurance we require proof of insurance to be e mailed to the relevant ride leader prior to riding.