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We currently hold two types of sessions to support our club members. This first is a coaching session and the second is a teaching session. Details of both and what each one offers are below:

Coaching sessions:


Wednesday 7.15-8.15pm Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, Portishead (Mid Oct -Mid Apr)

Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm Portishead Open Air Pool, (Mid Apr-Mid Oct)


Lead by: Jackie King, UKCC Level 3 Swimming Coach & BTF Level 2 Triathlon Coach who can be contacted by 

Email for more information.


Cost: £6 paid on poolside on a ‘pay as you go’ basis


Details of the training session are 

  • one lane allocated to more specific technique with less intensity for those wishing to improve their stoke or those relatively new to swim training; whilst still offering a proportion of intense training activity. Also suitable for those moving from technique sessions towards fitness and endurance.

  • four progressive lanes which focus on:

  • moderate to advanced drills to improve efficiency in Front Crawl; including isolating parts of the stroke; breathing, kicking etc.

  • focus on the aquatic skills needed to enhance performance in Triathlon swimming

  • Interval training at various levels of intensity to cover Aerobic Maintenance. Threshold, Lactate Tolerance, and VO2 pace to improve swim fitness.


If you are looking for a more intense workout with technical improvements delivered to a wider group of swimmers, and improving your speed and efficiency by testing your limits, then these sessions may be more suitable.


Teaching sessions


Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm Backwell Swimming Pool (winter season)

Tuesday 7.00-8.00pm Portishead Lido (Summer Season)


Lead by: Caroline Blunt, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher who can be contacted by Email for more information.

Assisted by: Nikki Flanagan, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher and Jane Cooley

Cost: £10 sessions to be paid in advance, costs vary depending on the number of attendees but work out at approximately £6 per session.


Area: Across three lanes as follows:


  • Lane 1 Front crawl breathing and basic introduction to swimming technique

  • Lanes 2 and 3 will run side by side and cover the same agenda with lane 2 doing the same drills over a shorter distance.

  • Lanes 2 and 3 will be aimed at refining and improving technique by breaking down the stroke and working on individual movements over various distances including starts and turns, pacing and other contrasting activities such as different strokes, sculling etc.


If you are looking for more personal input on your stroke in a more relaxed environment and you swim approximately > 8mins 30/40sec for a 400m swim then the Backwell Session may be more suitable.

Also, if you are recovering from injury or wish to focus on a particular issue or aspect of your stoke this session may be more appropriate.


NB: This is only a guide for those who are new to our swimming community to help you chose which is the best option for you, and the times given are not absolute. We have swimmers who are above and below these times at each session, though the majority fall within these guidelines.

The following sessions are also available in the Portishead and Clevedon area and are open to anyone, these are not PAC-Tri sessions: at Parish Wharf and Strode Leisure Centres each week on a pay as you go basis:


Parish Wharf

  • Adult Water Confidence Thurs 12.00-12.45

  • Adult Improvers Mon 12.30-1.15

  • Swimfit Shape & Tone 8.15-9.15pm



  • Adult Beginner Wed 7-7.45pm

  • Adult Improver Wed 7.45-8.30

  • Adult Improvers Fri 10.00-10.45

  • Adult Beginner Tues 12.15-1.00

  • Swimfit Beginners Tues 11-12.00

  • Swimfit Fitness Wed 8.30-9.30pm

  • Swimfit Fitness Thurs 9.00-10.00

  • Swimfit Shape & Tone Thurs 10.00

  • Swimfit Beginners Fri 9.00-10.00